We are Carter Global for Africa, Europe, USA and Asia.
We have built our legacy to this day,
with the best people.

Carter Global’s management is cropped from diverse backgrounds which makes it easier to comprehend client situations, making customer relationships richer, stronger and more fulfilling. The executive and non-executive management of Carter Global have backgrounds covering areas such as aviation engineering, aviation management, airline marketing, cargo handling and management, international courier operations, domestic courier operations, automobile and equipment sales and servicing, non-profit organizational management, entrepreneurship, fashion, interior décor, food supply chain, trucking and aircraft chartering and dispatching. This makes it a melting pot for all the varied client requirements we encounter as a business.

Our Vision

To be the benchmark in the deployment of world-class logistics solutions for Africa.

Our Mission

To provide world-class logistics solutions through the engagement of a highly skilled and motivated human capital, efficient technology, strategic partnerships and client oriented research all underpinned by superior client service.

Carter Global was born out of a passion for customer service excellence in the transport and logistics industry in Africa. From very meagre beginnings, Carter Global is fast becoming the preferred option for Air Freight, International Courier, Sea Freight and Travel Solutions.

Dedicated to becoming the number one logistics and travel solution in Africa, Carter Global since its inception in 2009 has widened its network globally and deepened its systems to enable it handle the robust requirements of our clients into the near and far future.

  • Oil, Gas and Energy
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Automotive Equipment and Spares
  • Project Cargo and Logistics
  • Computer Parts and Accessories
  • Manufacturing Supplies
  • Cranes and Earth-Moving Equipment
  • Assembly Plants
  • Industrial and Electrical Equipment
  • Household Equipment
  • Personal Effects